Schedule Q to Westlaw Subscriber Agreement For QuickView+ Service

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1. QuickView+ Service
QuickView+ ( is a secure web-enabled billing and reporting service that provides access to Westlaw usage and charges by password and client for all such users with a Subscriber's Westlaw billing account location. Westlaw charges via QuickView+ are estimated and are calculated at the applicable rates, without applicable discounts, or at rates designated by Subscriber. Actual charges to be billed by West may vary from the charges reported in QuickView+, and Subscriber agrees to pay such actual charges as billed.

2. Westlaw Password for QuickView+ Access
Subscriber may designate financial, library and billing personnel who will have access to QuickView+. The person receiving access to QuickView+ shall have access to the usage and billing information related to the accounts (and related passwords and clients) designated in paragraph 6. Subscriber requests QuickView+ access for password of the following person:

* Name:
* Title:
* Invoice Number:
* E-Mail Address:

3. Charges
There are no charges for the use of QuickView+.

4. Security
Subscriber is solely responsible for designating Authorized Passwords with QuickView+ access and those for which access to QuickView+ is to be revoked. Subscriber is also solely responsible for preventing dissemination or disclosure of authorized passwords. Passwords with QuickView+ access shall have access to usage and billing information related to all passwords and clients of Subscriber's account numbers requested here. QuickView+ employs Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to insure the confidentiality of reported information.

5. No Liability
West does not warrant and shall have no liability to Subscriber with respect to the accuracy of charges or other information made available on QuickView+, nor shall West have any responsibility for or liability with respect to the security of the authorized passwords.

6. QuickView+ Accounts
QuickView+ access is requested for the usage and billing information for the following Subscriber Westlaw accounts for the Westlaw password as designated in paragraph 2:

* Westlaw Account Number Account Location (City/State)

7. Authorization
Subscriber's Authorized Representative (i.e. the person authorized to contract on behalf of Subscriber) listed below grants the person designated in paragraph 2 permission to access Westlaw usage and billing information for the accounts listed above on behalf of Subscriber.

* Subscriber's Authorized Representative:
* Title:
   E-Mail Address:
* Firm Name:
* Address:
* Telephone:

8. Submission
This Schedule Q is submitted by the individual listed below, on behalf of the person designated in paragraph 2 at the request of the Authorized Representative.

* Title:

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