Usage is only available through July 1. We are doing maintenance and usage should be available again the afternoon of July 6. Auto Reports scheduled during this time will not be sent until usage becomes available starting July 6th. We apologize for any inconvenience.
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  Please refer to the Products drop-down menu on the Create Report screen for usage availability dates. If you do not reflect a Products drop-down menu, please refer to the Date Range for usage availability dates.
  QuickView+ is provided as a service to Westlaw subscribers for purposes only of estimating their Westlaw charges. Actual QuickView+ data (i.e., machine readable copies and printouts) may not be provided to any third party. The rates used for QuickView+ calculations are based on rates designated by subscribers or on the applicable Westlaw rates, which may or may not reflect discounts and other charges (such as taxes). QuickView+ does not represent the subscriber's actual Westlaw charges.

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